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Kubernetes Package Manager container based on the SLE Base Container Image.

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Kubernetes Package Manager container image

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Helm is a tool for managing Kubernetes charts, which are packages of pre-configured Kubernetes resources. This container image simplifies the deployment and use of Helm by packaging it into a ready-to-use container.


To run Helm, use the following command:

$ podman run --rm -it <helm-sub-command>

For instance, to display the Helm version, run:

$ podman run --rm -it version --template='{{.Version}}'

Refer to the full list of Helm commands, flags and environment variables, in the official Helm documentation.

For a comprehensive guide on getting started with Helm, refer to the official Helm tutorial.

Connecting Helm container to the Host's Kubernetes Cluster

To interact with a Kubernetes cluster, mount the Kubernetes configuration file (kubeconfig) from the container host into the container (use the --net=host flag to allow the container to use the host’s network):

$ podman run --rm -it --net=host -v /path/to/kubeconfig:/root/.kube/config:Z


SPDX-License-Identifier: Apache-2.0

This documentation and the build recipe are licensed as Apache-2.0. The container itself contains various software components under various open source licenses listed in the associated Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

This image is based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, a reliable, secure, and scalable server operating system built to power mission-critical workloads in physical and virtual environments.

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