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SLE BCI 15 SP6 Micro

A micro environment for containers based on the SLE Base Container Image.

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SLE BCI 15 SP6 Micro: Suitable for deploying static binaries

Redistributable Support Level


This image is similar to Minimal but without the RPM package manager. The primary use case for the image is deploying static binaries produced externally or during multi-stage builds. As there is no straightforward way to install additional dependencies inside the container image, we recommend deploying a project using the Minimal image only when the final build artifact bundles all dependencies and has no external runtime requirements (like Python or Ruby).


SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT

The build recipe and this documentation is licensed as MIT. The container itself contains various software components under various open source licenses listed in the associated Software Bill of Materials (SBOM).

This image is a tech preview. Do not use it for production. Your feedback is welcome. Please report any issues to the SUSE Bugzilla.

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