SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP6 Base Container Image

Image for containers based on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP6.

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SLE BCI 15 SP5 Base Container Image

SUSE Linux Enterprise Base Container Images (SLE BCI) provide truly open, flexible, and secure container images and application development tools. The images consist of container environments based on SUSE Linux Enterprise and designed to be a secure base for any containerized workload.

SLE BCI is freely available, re-distributable, and supported across many different environments. These templates and tools address modern, containerized application development and CI/CD application containerization. They can be used immediately by developers and integrators without the “lock-in” imposed by other offerings.

SLE BCI inherits industry-leading security and compliance from SUSE Linux within your container build process. The container images are designed to be a secure base for any application workload. SUSE ensures that compliance standards are applied consistently and continuously improves security-related capabilities.

SLE BCI is lightweight and easy to adopt, with the ability to run with any Linux OS. Avoid lock-in imposed by other vendors and get exactly what you need, fast. SLE BCI delivers a flexible developer experience that accounts for, integrates with, and supports language-native tools and workflows.

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